About Gadgets Brief

About Gadgets Brief

Gadgets Brief is a tech and gaming blog that covers the How-To guides, latest news, and reviews on the latest gadgets, games, and more. Gadgets Brief aims to provide our readers with the most up-to-date information on the latest and greatest technology and gaming products. Whether you’re looking for some technical help or want to know what the best new PC game is, Gadgets Brief has you covered.

Who manages Gadgets Brief?

This site is managed by ivewor (That means me). I’m a freelance full-stack developer and have been working for 5+ years. I also manage Gamer Stats along with Gadgets Brief. I started and continue working on this website as a hobby of some sort, even though I don’t have a hobby of any sort apart from sitting in front of the computer for 10-16 hours every day without getting bored.

The main reason I started Gadgets Brief is that I primarily like the domain name, and second, I like to explain things, not to everybody. But to some, my mother tends to get bored, and I can’t make her miserable every time we eat together. Hence, the internet seems to be a good place to explain things without making most people frustrated. And people will only visit your website when they want to learn those things. So, win for everyone.

A little side note, I also like journalism and reporting, so if I ever start covering news, I will satisfy this need.


  1. Satisfy my personal needs of writing and explaining things.
  2. Gadgets Brief aims to provide an in-depth look at the latest and greatest in the world of technology and gaming, and Gadgets Brief believes readers deserve the best coverage. Gadgets Brief’s posts are written by an individual (as of right now) who is passionate about tech and gaming enthusiasts and strive to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the latest in the world of gadgets and games.
  3. Gadgets Brief believes in providing readers with the most accurate and unbiased information possible and hopes that you find our site a valuable resource in your pursuit of all things tech and gaming.

Values and Disclaimer

Although, Gadgets Brief doesn’t post reviews because they tend to be somewhat opinionated and probably not good for some audiences. But whenever I try to be in the middle and where I’m biased, I will try to mention that explicitly. I believe in providing my readers with the most accurate and unbiased information possible, and I hope that you find this site a valuable resource in your pursuit of all things tech and gaming.

Who can read Gadgets Brief?

Anyone with a technical problem with their Gadgets or looking for a step-by-step guide about something can search in the Gadgets Brief for solutions.

I write about various topics, from the latest gaming rumors to in-depth guides on how to build your gaming PC. I also cover exciting new technology, like the latest smartphone releases and emerging trends in the tech industry.

Whether you’re a tech geek or a gaming nerd, I hope you’ll find something here that interests you.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my Gadgets Brief!

How does Gadgets Brief make money?

As of June 2022, Gadgets Brief doesn’t make any money from the website, and I’m also not planning to put ads on the website. Although, I may need to do that sometime later. But I’ve not given a thought to money yet. Maybe I’ll sell my services (as an hourly-based tech help) or perhaps put ads, but I’m not a big fan of ads as they decrease the overall reading experience and attention to the actual.

I may make a few bucks like that, but Gadgets Brief as a website won’t be able to impact users/readers, and I want users to visit whenever they need any technical guidance.

So, no goal or plan for making money right now!