Tesla Model 3 owner turned his arm into key: Forget about the keycard or telephone program, 1 software engineer is looking a new approach to unlock and begin her Tesla Model 3.

The software engineer eliminated the RFID chip in the Tesla Model 3 valet card with acetone, then put it to a biopolymer, that has been then injected via a hollow needle to her arm. An expert that specializes in body alterations done the injection.

It is possible to watch the procedure under, although individuals who do not like blood should think about skipping it. Amie DD also offers a webpage on Hackaday.io that clarifies the job and the procedure.

The movie is lacking one critical detail. It does not reveal whether the procedure works. TechCrunch will upgrade the article after a brand new movie delivering the information is published.

Amie isn’t brand new to biohacking. The first idea was to utilize the present RFID implant processor which was in her hands to have the ability to begin the Model 3. This technique, which could have entailed taking the Java applet and writing it upon her very own processor, did not work due to Tesla’s safety. So, Amie DD chosen for another augmentation.

Amie DD explains why and she did so in a different, longer movie posted under. She talks a little about her first implant on her left hand, which she states is employed for”access control”