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Best Elden Ring Strength Builds

Best Elden Ring strength builds

Looking for Elden Ring strength builds? There are different ways to build your character in Elden Ring. Explore the best strength builds.

What is Mouse DPI

What is DPI on a Mouse?

Mouse DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. Mouse DPI is the measure or rate of how sensitive a mouse is to movement.

What is mouse polling rate?

What is mouse polling rate?

The mouse polling rate is the number of times per second that the mouse sends information to the computer.

Guide to change Mouse polling rate

How to change mouse polling rate?

If you want to change your mouse polling rate, follow this guide to adjust your mouse polling rate in Razer, Logitech or any other.

What keyboard does Sinatraa Use

What keyboard does Sinatraa use?

Sinatraa is an VALORANT streamer who is currently signed to Sentinals as a streamer. Find out what keyboard does he uses VALORANT?