If you’re a PC gamer, you know that one of the most important features of your mouse is its polling rate. The polling rate is how your mouse communicates with your computer. A high polling rate means that your mouse is sending information to your computer more frequently, and a low polling rate means sending information less frequently.

The polling rate is measured in Hz; the most common polling rates are 125Hz, 250Hz, and 500Hz. A 125Hz polling rate means your mouse sends information to your computer 125 times per second. A 250Hz polling rate means your mouse sends information to your computer 250 times per second. And a 500Hz polling rate means that your mouse sends information to your computer 500 times per second.

Most computer mice have a polling rate of 500Hz, but some gamers prefer a lower polling rate because it can reduce the amount of lag. If you’re unsure what polling rate you should use, I recommend starting with a polling rate of 500Hz and then lowering it if you notice any lag.

Change mouse polling rate

This gaming guide applies to Windows and Macintosh users as the software works similarly in both operating systems. So, you can use this guide to change your mouse polling rate no matter which mouse you’re using.

You’ll need to access your mouse software to change your mouse’s polling rate. For most gaming mouses, this can be done by downloading the software from the manufacturer’s website. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the software, open it and look for the option to change the polling rate.

How to change Razer mouse polling rate?

Razer is one of the most popular computer gadget brands when it comes to gaming, especially keyboards and mouses. They provide software for managing mouse settings from polling rate to backlight control.

If you’re using a Razer mouse, you can download and install their official Synapse software to manage your polling rate. To change your Razor mouse polling rate using Synapse software. Follow the following steps:

  1. Open Synapse software on your computer.
  2. Select the “Mouse” option from the top-level navigation (see figure 1.)
  3. Then select Performance from the sub-navigation (see figure. 1.)
  4. Razor mouse polling rate settings will be next to Sensitivity settings in the software. You can adjust by increasing or decreasing it from drop-down options.
Razer Polling Rate Settings
Razer Polling Rate Settings (figure 1.)

How to change polling rate on Logitech mouse?

Logitech is also one of the most prominent brands in the gaming community. They actually go by the name of Logitech G in their gaming peripherals. If you’re using a Logitech mouse, you won’t be able to find the polling rate option because they call the polling rate a report rating in their Logitech G Hub software.

To change your polling rate (or report rating) in your Logitech mouse, follow the steps mentioned below and see the figure 2. for reference:

How to change Logitech mouse polling rate
(figure 2.) How to change Logitech mouse polling rate
  1. Open Logitech G Hub software on your Windows or Mac computer.
  2. Select the “DPI” settings icon from the left-side navigation bar (see figure. 2.)
  3. Right below the “POWER MODE” option, there’s an option called “REPORT RATING (PER SECOND),” there are four options for polling rates to choose from (125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz.) Select whichever option suits your gaming style the best.

How to change ZOWIE mouse polling rate?

ZOWIE mouse polling or report rate can be changed without using any software. ZOWIE’s mouses have inbuilt keys to adjust the polling rate. However, they come with only three rate options, i.e., 125Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz.

Follow the steps below to change the ZOWIE mouse polling rate, and see the figure 3 for reference:

How to change Zowie mouse polling rate
(figure 3.) How to change polling rate on ZOWIE Mouse
  1. Firstly, make sure the mouse is unplugged.
  2. To set the polling rate at 125Hz, hold 4 + 5 buttons and plug the mouse into the USB port. Once the wheel lights up, your mouse polling rate will be set to 125Hz.
  3. To set your polling rate to 500 Hz, hold the 5 buttons and plug the mouse into the USB port and once the mice wheel lights up, the rate will be adjusted to 500Hz.
  4. Similarly, to change the polling rate to 1000 Hz, hold the 4 buttons and plug your mice into the USB port, and again once the wheel lights up, it will be adjusted to 1000Hz. You can only change it 1000Hz if you have previously changed it to 125Hz or 500Hz otherwise, it may not work.

Some ZOWIE mouses also have completely separate polling rate keys. For example, in ZOWIE’s EC1-C model, polling rate keys are separated for all three rate options, and keys are located behind the mouse. See figure 4. for reference. To adjust the polling rate in these types of models, simply press the key in which you want to set the rate.


Once you’ve changed your mouse’s polling rate or report rate, you should notice a difference in the way your mouse feels. If you’re experiencing any lag, try lowering the polling rate. Some mouse