If you’re looking to add a boat to your fleet in Genshin Impact, you’ll need to complete a quest. This guide will show you how to get a boat in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is one of the market’s most popular RPG gacha video games. I love to play it on weekends, and I’m sure that’s why you are here and looking at how to sail a boat in the game.

To this date, Genshin Impact has only one vehicle which players can use to travel across the world. The vehicle is a boat, and it’s called Waverider in the game. It was introduced in the Golden Apple Archipelago by the developers.

Where to find a boat or Waverider in Genshin Impact?

A boat or Waverider can be found in Inazuma and Sumeru. To get it, you need to summon it first near the water. Since it was introduced in the Golden Apple Archipelago, players must unlock the Waverider waypoint to be able to summon or even reach the point.

The Mystical Waverider Waypoint
The Mystical Waverider Waypoint

The Waverider is a waterborne vehicle that can be summoned to its skipper’s side using a Waverider Waypoint. It is very mysterious and can be used to sail the seas. You can summon it from a Waverider Waypoint at any time. However, one Waverider is limited to one person only.

Waveriders can accelerate to increase their speed, and are armed with two different weapons: the Swiftstrike and Heavy Cannons. The Heavy Cannon has more firepower, but goes on cooldown after being fired.

To stop sailing and leave your Waverider, hold down the Jump button. Once you’re outside your Waverider, you can either get close to it again to start sailing, or use a Waverider Waypoint to summon it back to you.


How to summon a boat Waverider waypoint?