Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG video game developed by miHoYo. It comes under the genre of gacha games.

If you’re on this page, I assume you’re already aware of the game and are looking to move the game files to another SSD or hard drive.

Let’s dive deep into this gaming guide and see how we can change the game files’ location.

How do I change my Genshin Impact file location?

It’s pretty easy to do; follow the steps mentioned below in order to move the Genshin Impact into another hard drive.

  1. Search for Genshin Impact in Windows

    Open your Windows search box and start typing “Genshin Impact.” Once you see the game, right-click on the game and then select “Open file location” or select the option from the right for Genshin Impact

  2. Enter into the game directory

    In my case the game location is in :D directory at: D:\Genshin Impact game
    Genshin Impact Location

  3. Copy everything

    Copy everything from the game’s directory and create a new folder where you want to. Then paste all files there.
    Copy Genshin Impact Files

  4. Open the game launcher and locate files

    After moving the files, open the Genshin Impact game launcher. Then click on “Locate Game.”
    Locate files

  5. Select the new folder and update

    After clicking on theĀ Locate Game, select the new folder where you moved the game once you choose the new drive folder. The “Get Game” button will change to “Update.” Click on that. You’re good to play the game again. However, the process will take some time.
    Update Files


After following these 5-steps, you’re good to go. If any issues come up during the process, make sure to comment below.