PUBG Mobile upgrade 0.14.0 has become live. The newest upgrade brings into a new Zombie mode and also a whole lot of upgrades into the user-interface. The newest upgrade also provides sign of a fresh artifacts motif, which may become part of this existing season .

You Need to upgrade the sport by your Google Play Store. For those who have not we only head up into the Play Store and also download the latest upgrade.


The huge feature with this particular upgrade is that the brand new’Infection’ Mode’ that brings really a intriguing twist into the match. Once the game begins, players have been randomly broken up in to Zombies and Defenders. Defenders may utilize guns, Zombies can simply use melee strikes and abilities that can feature a very good time. Zombies might be restored after being conquered by Defenders, while Defenders is likely to undoubtedly be flipped to Zombies after getting murdered by Zombies. If most of Defenders are infected, then zombies triumph; if just inch Defender survives, then your Defenders win. There certainly are a lot of skills awarded into this Zombies helping to make for an extremely interesting setting combined side a Pirates/Assassin’s Creed motif.

Along side that, there’s really a enormous re-fresh into the user interface, chiefly the menus and preferences. Every thing looks more clean and modern with a number of the weather moved around.