Mouse DPI (abbreviation of Dots Per Inch) is the measure of how sensitive a mouse is to movement. The higher the DPI, the more sensitive the mouse is to movement and vice-versa.

Mouse DPI is also called as mouse sensitivity and it is frequently talked about in the gaming community. Due to the nature of this mouse feature. As mouse sensitivity or DPI is very important for gamers as it decides the characters movement of a game.

What is best mouse DPI settings for gaming?

If set you set a low mouse DPI, it can cause you to lose a shot, if you’re playing a game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and you’re not very comfortable with slow movements. Similarly a high sensitivity can also cause you to lose the shot because of the high movement.

The optimal mouse sensitivity or DPI is totally depends on the user. Some gamers prefer lower mouse DPI and some prefers high mouse sensitivity. To find out yours, simply enter into the game’s training mode or practice mode and experiment with the mouse DPI to get best one for yourself.

Difference between mouse polling rate and mouse DPI

One thing to remember as not to confuse DPI with mouse polling rate because both polling rate and DPI on a mouse are two different things. Although, both handles pretty much the same work in a mouse but in two different ways. The polling rate is responsible for how often a mouse can send cursor movement to the computer whereas Mouse DPI is responsible for how fast or slow the mouse cursor can move in comparison to the movement of mouse physically.