The mouse polling rate is the number of times per second that the mouse sends information to the computer. A mouse sends various information to the computer, for example, the information about clicks, cursor position, etc. However, the mouse polling rate is responsible for the speed of sending the cursor position information to the computer.

In other words, the polling rate is how often the mouse reports its position to the computer.

How it works?

A higher mouse polling rate means the mouse position is reported more often. As a result, the mouse will be more responsive, and a lower polling rate means less responsive.

The mouse polling rate varies from mouse to mouse. It totally depends on the mouse hardware and software, how frequently it can send information to the computer, and also depends on the computer that how frequently it can take the information and use it.

How to check polling rate?

Although, there are several ways to calculate or check the mouse polling rate. Some software manufacturers provides polling rate checker in the software itself. However, the most simple way to test or check your mouse polling rate is to use a web based tool like:

  1. Device Test: To check your polling rate using Device Test, simply click on the start button. It will show your mouse’s maximum polling rate (See the figure 1. for reference.)
    How to check mouse polling rate
  2. Tecagile
  3. And there are various other tools like this. You can search it on Google!

How mouse polling rate is calculated?

The mouse polling rate calculated in Hz (abbreviation of hertz) equals the number of times per second; the most common polling rates are 125Hz, 250Hz, and 500Hz. A 125Hz polling rate means your mouse sends information to your computer 125 times per second. A 250Hz polling rate means your mouse sends information to your computer 250 times per second. And a 500Hz polling rate means that your mouse sends information to your computer 500 times per second.

Can a user adjust their polling rate?

Yes, a user can change mouse polling rate some mouse manufactures like Logitech and Razer provide software to adjust the mouse settings and others like ZOWIE provide inbuilt keys in the mice. It is totally depends on the mouse and its manufacturer.

What is the most common polling rate for mouse?

Most computer mice have a polling rate of 500Hz, but some gamers prefer a lower polling rate because it can reduce the amount of lag. If you’re unsure what polling rate you should use, I recommend starting with a polling rate of 500Hz and then lowering it if you notice any lag.

Common questions about mouse polling rate

Is a higher polling rate better?

A higher polling rate is generally better because the mouse is being polled more frequently, which can result in a more responsive experience.

However, the computer can handle only a limited amount of information in seconds.

For example, suppose a computer doesn’t support a polling rate higher than 500Hz. In that case, you may start seeing lags in the cursor position. So, setting it at optimal frequency is very important.

What is best polling rate for gaming?

The best polling rate for gaming is the one that provides the most accurate data without too much overhead or latency.

For example, suppose a system must only check for new data every few seconds. In that case, a polling rate of once per second may be sufficient.

However, a higher polling rate may be necessary if the system needs to respond to real-time events. Lastly, the most common polling rate among gamers is 125Hz and 250Hz.

What is the best polling rate for CS:GO?

The best polling rate for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will vary depending on individual preferences and setups. However, a general rule is that a higher polling rate will result in a more responsive and accurate gaming experience.

For example, a polling rate of 1000 Hz will allow the mouse to communicate with the computer 1000 times per second, providing near-instantaneous response times.

Conversely, a lower polling rate such as 125 Hz will introduce slight delays between the mouse and the computer, which can be noticeable during fast-paced gaming.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual player to experiment with different polling rates to find what works best for them.

What is the best polling rate for VALORANT?

Most VALORANT professional players use the mouse polling rate between 250Hz and 500Hz. So, 250Hz or 500Hz is considered the best polling rate for VALORANT. As a first-person shooter title, some milliseconds delay can cause you to miss the shot.

However, it totally depends on the computer specs and setup. Although, a higher rate is considered the best, but the too much high can also cause lags in the computer.

Experimenting with your own setup is recommended, and finding the best one for yourself.