Fantech Keyboards are impressive and can be found at reasonable price as compare to other Logitech, Razor, etc. Fantech provides all types of keyboard including membrane, mechanical, semi-mechanical, and so on. Most of their keyboards comes with RGBs or simple back light mode to the least.

If you want to change the Fantech Keyboard light mode or customise the RGB. There are a few things you can do. This simple gaming guide will walk you through step by step. For those you’re just looking for those keys simply, here’s the short summary.

  1. First, you need to find the light mode button. It is usually on the top of the keyboard, near the left side.
  2. Once you find the button, you need to press it. If you hold the button down, it will cycle through the different light modes.
  3. Once you find the best RGB/light mode for your needs, you can release the button and it will be applied to your Fantech keyboard.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Light mode/RGB customisation in Fantech Keyboard

  1. Turn on light mode/RGB

    Turn on light mode or RGB In Fentech Keyboard
    Press FN + PS (Function key and Print Screen key) in your Fantech keyboard to activate light mode or RGB. If you don’t see a PS key then look for a key that has a light/son icon. If your PS key is already registered with any other program like screenshot app, etc then try pressing FN key with INS (Insert) key. Both keys are usually located in the pair of three and six keys at the top-right side of the keyboard, on the right of F12 key.

  2. Fantech RGB Spectum Mode

    Fantech RGB Spectum Mode
    To use RGB Spectum mode in your Fantech keyboard you need press FN + SL.

  3. Gaming mode or non-gaming mode

    Gaming mode or non-gaming mode in Fentech Keyboard
    Fantch gives you two options for RGB. To switch between gaming mode and non-gaming mode press FN + M key for G1-G6 side button. In non-gaming G1-G6 is 1-6, but in gaming mode G1-G6 is your custom macro.

  4. Adjusting RGB/Light Brightness

    Adjusting RGB or Light Brightness in Fentech Keyboard
    Press FN + UP to increase the brightness and press FN + DOWN to deacrease the brightness. By using these options you can adjust the brightness of your RGB or light mode in Fantech keyboard.

  5. Adjusting RGB/Light Speed

    Adjusting RGB or Light Speed in Fentech Keyboard
    To adjust the speed press FN + LEFT and FN + RIGHT for decreasing and increasing the speed of your RGB or light in Fantech keyboard respectively.

Now this particular guide only applies to Booter II K513. I’m attaching some a few other Fantech keyboard’s manuals and screenshots if you have don’t have this one. However, all keyboards lightning mode works with almost same keys except one or two different keys and below mentioned will probably covers all.

Fantech Booster II K513 Light Mode/RGB Customization

How to change light mode on Fantech MK851 Keyboard
Fantech Keyboard RGB and Light Mode Cheatsheet

Download this Light mode customisation cheatsheet for Fantech Keyboard (Booster II K513) in PDF.

Official Documentation/Manual

About Fantech Keyboards

Fantech keyboards are great for not only who play games but also for hardcore mechanical keyboards and RGB fans. The keys on the keyboards are very responsive, and they have a lot of features that make them very user-friendly.

I’ve never really personally bought myself one however I did used for around 50 days while working on project (had work in a office). I decided to write about this Fantech light mode thing is because everyone was just keep asking questions like how can I increase the speed or decreasing the brightness or change the mode and so on.