While it was known that Huawei has been on the trail to growing its operating platform, the modern transaction warfare between the united states and China appears to have hastened the provider’s launch and launching program. Back in China, HarmonyOS will probably be called Hong MengOS. The business renamed’Hong Meng’ into’Harmony’ to get global markets. In addition, he included that HarmonyOS is completely distinct from Android and i-OS directly from the bottom up, as a result of its micro kernel-based design and style.

It’s a secure and stable structure, also it encourages smooth cooperation across apparatus. It is possible to form your programs after, and subsequently flexibly deploy them over a range of different apparatus,” Mr.Yu added.


HarmonyOS for smart phones, now, is at its initial phases and Huawei has affirmed that there’s still time till they launch cellphones which run the newest OS. The organization, but did announce brand new Smart TVs called the Honor Vision along with the Dominion Vision Guru that run HarmonyOS. We’ve mentioned the Honor Vision collection of Smart TVs at length in another article.

Just how Separate is HarmonyOS from present cellular Operating-systems?
As stated earlier in this guide, HarmonyOS can be really a micro kernel established OS that makes it absolutely distinct from Android and i-OS, both which can be monolithic-Kernel based. Huawei asserts that the utilization of a micro kernel boosts the total security component of this OS. Yet another claim made by the business is the operation of a micro kernel-based platform is better compared to that of any Linux based systems.

Some of the largest advantages of HarmonyOS the business emphasized up on may be the simple fact it is capable of delivering seamless experience across multiple devices. In absolute laymen terminology, this basically implies an program made to perform onto a HarmonyOS powered television might easily be ported to perform to a smartphone or even vice versa.

These two interact setting project implementation priorities and time constraints for scheduling beforehand. This results in cutting the response latency of programs by 25.7 percent. The micro kernel could make IPC operation as many as five times more effective compared to existing systems.

That is promised to be the very first static compiler that may work on par with Android’s virtual server. Even the HUAWEI ARK Compiler lets developers to market a wide array of advanced level languages to machine code in one, unified ecosystem.

The near future of HarmonyOS

While Huawei remains to present a more functional variant of HarmonyOS for smart phones, the company did declare that the development road map for its OS. The very first version of this OS called HarmonyOS 1.0 has recently arrived on its own Honor branded smart TVs that’ll carry for sale in China so on. On the subsequent few decades, Huawei intends to maximize the operating system that it might be installed over a vast variety of smart, connected devices which vary between wearables to go components such as cars.