Nokia is place to attract 5G into New Zealand, after announcement of this very first business 5G network readily available to New Zealanders from Vodafone New Zealand.

The bargain, for example Nokia’s Air Scale radio access system, cloud-native design and core solutions, provides further evidence of the potency of Nokia’s finishing portfolio. Nokia’s 5G portfolio supplies operators the essential flexibility and capacities to deliver 5G solutions to both enterprises and consumers.

“With this agreement, we’ll empower Vodafone New Zealand to deliver 5G solutions with their clients and make a level more joined society”


According to the agreement, Tony Baird, Technology Director, Vodafone New Zealand said:”We’re eager to work with Nokia to supply a industrial 5G system for Vodafone and new-zealand, construction on our proud legacy to be to send Kiwis, the most effective portable technology available during the moment, for example 2G, 3G, 4G now 5G.”

“It marks the upcoming chapter in a long and lucrative venture between Vodafone NZ and Nokia, and so is compared to the robustness of both Nokia’s 5G portfolio”

Around Nokia

We make the technology to join the universe. We create and develop the industry’s only real portfolio of system equipment, applications, licensing and services that’s available worldwide. Our clients include communications companies whose joint networks encourage 6.1 billion coupons, in addition to businesses from the public and private industry that utilize our network site to both grow productivity and enhance lives.

During our search teams, for instance, world-renowned Nokia Bell Labs, we’re directing the globe to embrace end to end 5G networks which are faster, safer and effective of discovering lifestyles, societies and economies. Nokia adheres to the greatest ethical business standards even as we make tech with societal purpose, integrity and quality.